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Active as of Fall Semester 2020

I. General Information

1. Course Title:
Intermediate Spanish I

2. Course Prefix & Number:
SPAN 2401

3. Course Credits and Contact Hours:

Credits: 4

Lecture Hours: 4

Lab Hours: 0

4. Course Description:

This course is a review of the fundamentals in grammar and vocabulary covered in the first year of Spanish language study, with amplification to more advanced structures and complex language usage. The remaining verb tenses (future, conditional, subjunctives) will be introduced through reading, writing and speaking. Graded level readers are used for pronunciation, comprehension and cultural information, providing topics in art, music, politics and current events. Short essays and conversations complete the language skill practices. SPAN 1402 or equivalent (2-3 years of high school Spanish) recommended. MnTC Goals 6 and 8

5. Placement Tests Required:

Accuplacer (specify test): Reading College Level CLC or Reading College Level Score:

6. Prerequisite Courses:

SPAN 2401 - Intermediate Spanish I

There are no prerequisites for this course.

9. Co-requisite Courses:

SPAN 2401 - Intermediate Spanish I

There are no corequisites for this course.