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Title English 
Department English 

Department Description: The study of English means discovering the dynamic process of writing and the influential impact of literature on human thought. The English Department offers a variety of writing and literature courses that create opportunities for students to apply creative and analytical insight to various rhetorical situations. Faculty members guide writers and readers from the initial stages of discovery to the final steps of drafting cohesive, logical, and intelligent texts. A strong background in writing and literature assures that students possess skills necessary to succeed personally, academically, and professionally today and in the future.

Department Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Choose, develop, and support a thesis, producing a unified and coherent oral or written text that demonstrates awareness of purpose and audience and uses standard edited English.
  • Utilize research tools, use correct and appropriate documentation format, and properly cite credible sources.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the implications of cultural and historical contexts in literature.

Special Department Information: Students are strongly advised to take English 1410 in the first semester and English 1411 in the second semester, as instruction in expository and research writing will promote success in other classes.

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Career Titles: Advertising Copywriter, Computer Instructional Designer, Copy Editor or Editorial Assistant, Corporate Communications Specialist, Freelance Writer, Publications Researcher, Radio/Television Copywriter, Journalist, Technical Writer, Secondary School Teacher, Professor