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Active as of Fall Semester 2010

I. General Information

1. Course Title:
Organic Chemistry II

2. Course Prefix & Number:
CHEM 2473

3. Course Credits and Contact Hours:

Credits: 5

Lecture Hours: 4

Lab Hours: 3

4. Course Description:

This course is a continuation of CHEM 2472 and involves a thorough coverage of the aliphatic and aromatic classes of compounds involving the study of structure, nomenclature, physical properties, preparation, reactions and analysis of these compounds. Also included is the study of reaction mechanisms. Four hours of lecture and three hours of lab weekly.

5. Placement Tests Required:

6. Prerequisite Courses:

CHEM 2473 - Organic Chemistry II

All Credit(s) from the following...
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
CHEM 2472Organic Chemistry Icr.

9. Co-requisite Courses:

CHEM 2473 - Organic Chemistry II

There are no corequisites for this course.