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Title Sociology 
Department Sociology 

Department Description: Sociologists address the most pressing issues of our time: the gap between rich and poor, the breakup of families, crime, warfare, human migration and environmental challenges. Our scientific study of the groups and culture that we belong to is actually a study of ourselves…but from the outside-in! Sociological research often becomes social policy as local, state and federal governments seek to better organize their piece of our social world.

Department Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and apply alternative Explanatory systems or theories.
  • Identify and Communicate alternative explanations for contemporary social issues.
  • Identify the methods and data that historians and social and behavioral sciences use to investigate the human condition.
  • Examine social institutions and processes across a range of historical periods or cultures.

Special Department Information: Although no prerequisites exist for sociology classes at CLC, students are strongly encouraged to begin their adventure in sociology in an Introduction to Sociology course. This is the perfect jumping-off point to the higher-level sociology courses. A class or two in English Composition is also very helpful.

Select this link for a complete listing of Sociology course offerings.

Transfer Opportunities: The understanding of humanity gained in sociology adds a unique insight to almost any field of study or occupation. In fact, sociology offerings are often required for degrees in several major disciplines. CLC sociology majors have a great reputation at our region’s 4 year colleges like St. Cloud State University and Bemidji State University where our students have won high honors.

Career Opportunities: A sociology degree is one of the most useful for students who enter the job market in middle management positions. High school social studies teachers often hold 4-year sociology degrees. Specialists in sociology are also employed in planning at all levels of government and at the United Nations. Several Nobel Prize winners in American history have been sociologists including Martin Luther King Jr., Jane Addams and Emily Balch. Many famous social activists earned sociology degrees: Saul Alinsky, Roy Wilkens, and Jesse Jackson. Popular artists and entertainers with sociology degrees include actor Robin Williams, novelist Saul Bellow, comedian Dan Aykroyd and sportscaster Ahmad Rashad. A substantial number of senators, congresspersons, mayors of major cities and other elected officials have held sociology degrees.

Career Titles: College Professor, Teacher, City/State Planner, Demographer, Personnel Manager, Probation Officer, Police Chief, Social Worker, Advocate