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Active as of Fall Semester 2013

I. General Information

1. Course Title:
Environmental Biology

2. Course Prefix & Number:
BIOL 1415

3. Course Credits and Contact Hours:

Credits: 4

Lecture Hours: 3

Lab Hours: 3

4. Course Description:

This course takes a holistic approach to current status and future prospects of earth's life support systems emphasizing human impact on the environment. Topics include interrelationships of organisms and their environment, population dynamics, pollution, major ecosystems, examination of causes and possible solutions to major local, national and global environmental problems. This course is intended for non-science majors. MnTC Goals 3 and 10

5. Placement Tests Required:

Accuplacer (specify test): Reading College Level CLC or Reading College Level Score:

6. Prerequisite Courses:

BIOL 1415 - Environmental Biology

There are no prerequisites for this course.

9. Co-requisite Courses:

BIOL 1415 - Environmental Biology

There are no corequisites for this course.