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Active as of Fall Semester 2016

I. General Information

1. Course Title:
Gas Metal ARC Welding II

2. Course Prefix & Number:
WELD 1118

3. Course Credits and Contact Hours:

Credits: 3

Lecture Hours: 1

Lab Hours: 4

4. Course Description:

This course will expand on skill obtained in Weld 1117 including safety, equipment setup, electrode selection, and operating parameters. Students will refine and further advance skill sets used to produce quality welds. Visual and non-destructive testing practices are used to determine weld acceptability.

5. Placement Tests Required:

Accuplacer (specify test): No placement tests required Score:

6. Prerequisite Courses:

WELD 1118 - Gas Metal ARC Welding II

All Course(s) from the following...
Course CodeCourse TitleCredits
WELD 1117Gas Metal ARC Welding

9. Co-requisite Courses:

WELD 1118 - Gas Metal ARC Welding II

There are no corequisites for this course.