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Active as of Fall Semester 2020

I. General Information

1. Course Title:

2. Course Prefix & Number:
CMAE 1570

3. Course Credits and Contact Hours:

Credits: 1

Lecture Hours: 1

Lab Hours: 0

4. Course Description:

This course covers the study of metals and the effects of welding and heat treatments on them. Metallurgical terminology will be an important part of the course. Physical and mechanical properties of ferrous and nonferrous metals will be covered along with the classifications of different types of metals. The range of materials and their usefulness in particular applications will be discussed. Written tests will be completed in accordance with the American Welding Society (AWS) codes and standards.

5. Placement Tests Required:

Accuplacer (specify test): Reading College Level CLC or Reading College Level, and Fundamentals of Math Pre-College Level or Math Pre-College Level or Math Introductory College Level or Algebra College Level or Pre-Calculus College Level or Calculus College Level Score:

6. Prerequisite Courses:

CMAE 1570 - Metallurgy

There are no prerequisites for this course.

9. Co-requisite Courses:

CMAE 1570 - Metallurgy

There are no corequisites for this course.