Administrative Assistant - Administrative Assistant A.A.S.
Title Administrative Assistant A.A.S. 
Department Administrative Assistant 

Program Course Requirements

First Year - Fall Semester
BUSN 1131 Business Math (3 cr)
COMP 1109 Introduction to Operating Systems (3 cr)
COMP 1131 Microsoft Word Comprehensive (4 cr)
COMP 1135 Microsoft Excel Comprehensive (4 cr)
Fall Semester Total 14 Credits

Spring Semester
ADMN 1120 Administrative Support Applications (3 cr)
ADMN 1125 Business English Skills (3 cr)
ADMN 1156 Championship Keyboarding (3 cr)
BUSN 1166 Business Communications (3 cr)
COMP 1133 Microsoft PowerPoint Comprehensive (3 cr)
COMP 1134 Microsoft Outlook Comprehensive (1 cr)
Spring Semester Total 16 Credits

Second Year - Fall Semester
BUSN 1102 Accounting for Non-accountants (3 cr)
MGMT 1110 Frontline Leadership (3 cr)
General Education (9 cr)
Fall Semester Total 15 Credits

Spring Semester
ADMN 2110 Administrative Assistant Capstone (3 cr) or ADMN 2150 Internship (3 cr)
MGMT 1114 Human Resource Management (3 cr)
MKTG 1162 Customer Relations (3 cr)
General Education (6 cr)
Spring Semester Total 15 Credits


Click here to download the Administrative Assistant AAS Degree Program Planning Form (PDF)

Career Description: Administrative assistants perform a variety of administrative tasks in support of managers and others in an organization including duties once reserved solely for managers. Successful administrative assistants must be highly organized and possess excellent computer, writing and communication skills. Knowledge of a variety of office equipment and 21st century office procedures is vital. Administrative assistants may perform research, create spreadsheets, compose correspondence, manage databases, generate reports, and create presentations. Various positions may also require handling travel arrangements, maintaining inventories and planning and scheduling meetings and appointments. Administrative assistants will also manage electronic and paper communications and files.

Program Information: The Administrative Assistant Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S) Degree program prepares graduates by introducing them to a wide variety of subjects that will prepare them to manage and organize themselves and their workplace environment. In addition this program prepares the student to acquire comprehensive skills and assume responsibilities in the workplace. Students will have advanced training with computer technology that will prepare the student for the constantly changing and increasingly automated business environment. The A.A.S. degree combines expert technical and business instruction with a well-balanced academic background. The program will prepare the student in skill sets such as computer applications, communication, teamwork and collaboration, customer focus, problem-solving and critical thinking, professionalism, productivity, ethics, and leadership along with business qualities. Students are also prepared to train and supervise lower-level support staff. The 33-credit Administrative Support diploma prepares students for support staff positions position such as a receptionist or other office or clerical jobs.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the principles of grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary.
  • Apply computer skills efficiently and accurately to office tasks using a variety of computer application programs.
  • Conduct research and electronically retrieve information.
  • Demonstrate effective interpersonal and human relations skills in a business environment in order to lead and complete individual and team projects.
  • Perform appropriate office procedures as related to records information management, electronic communications, and mail management.
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking, organization, prioritization and problem-solving skills.
  • Identify unethical workplace behaviors and steps for working ethically and professionally.

Certification: This program would help prepare students for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificates Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook and Access. Other certifications and memberships are available, including those through the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Admissions: The program is offered on the Brainerd Campus, but a portion of the courses can be completed online.

Career Opportunities: Administrative Assistants are employed in organizations of every type, but most are employed in service providing industries ranging from education and health care to government and retail trade. Others may work in firms engaged in manufacturing or construction.

Career Titles: Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Assistant, Secretary, Administrative Clerk, Receptionists, Human Resource Assistants.