Theatre Performance AFA Degree - Theatre Performance A.F.A
Title Theatre Performance A.F.A  
Department Theatre 

Special Department Information:


First Year - Fall Semester
THTR 1455 Script Analysis (3 cr)
THTR 1461 Acting I (3 cr)
General Education (10 cr)
Total 16 Credits

Spring Semester
THTR 1452 Stage Make-up (3 cr)
THTR 1462 Acting II (3 cr)
General Education (9 cr)
Total 15 Credits

Second Year - Fall Semester
THTR 1478 Technical Theatre (3 cr)
General Education (10 cr)
Total 13 Credits

Spring Semester
THTR 1453 Theatre Costuming (3 cr)
General Education (11 cr)
Total 14 Credits

Student must complete two labs in either acting or theater production.
These courses can be taken any semester. (2 cr)


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Career Description: Theatre performance involves professional acting on stage, in motion pictures, video presentations, and other capacities as part of the entertainment industry and commercial as well as non-profit enterprises. It is a creative occupation calling upon a variety of dramatic expression and techniques to communicate with audiences. The theatrical industry is a highly competitive field and demanding but can be very rewarding. To succeed, one needs talent, training, and personality. It helps to be a quick learner, flexible, be disciplined and determined, enthusiastic and have a high level of fitness and stamina. You must be able to work successfully within a team and be prepared to travel, possibly overseas.

Program Information: The Associate Fine Arts degree is intended for students who wish to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from a four-year university or college. The degree can also be used as a bridge into Bachelor of Fine Arts degree programs. The A.F.A. degree includes courses in acting, technical theatre, makeup, costuming, script analysis, and lab courses in acting and production. In addition, the 60-credit degree includes general education electives.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate and function effectively in theatre performance environments as well as demonstrate an understanding of basic theatre performance direction, as well as its theory and application.
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of technical theatre components, such as lighting, sound, safety, theatre costume design, stage make-up and construction.
  • Demonstrate competencies in standard theatre voice and movement techniques as well as demonstrate competence in basic acting techniques and audition competently for acting roles.

Special Program Requirements:

Transfer Opportunities: There is an articulation agreement between CLC and Southwest Minnesota State University at Marshall, Minn., which will allow A.F.A. degree students to transfer into the SMSU theatre program with junior class standing. Articulation agreements with other universities are being sought.

Career Opportunities: Possible career options with the bachelor’s degree include education, professional performance as an actor, professional work in a technical theatre capacity (design, construction, and stage management), and professional work in arts management. Other career fields which would be served by this degree include sales, public relations, customer service, ministry, motivational speaking, and law. The B.F.A. degree’s career options are mainly in the realm of professional theatre work, either as a performer or a designer.

Career Titles: Actor, director, teacher, professor, designer, technician, production manager, stage manager, shop supervisor, technical director, salesperson, minister, motivational speaker, lawyer, customer service specialist, drama therapist, cruise ship performer.