AA Honors Degree - Associate in Arts Honors Degree
Title Associate in Arts Honors Degree 

Department Description: The Honors Associate of Arts program is for high-achieving students intending to transfer to a four year college or university. Of the 60 credits required for the AA degree, 12 will be designated ‘Honors’ core credits. The honors classes will be rigorous, limited in size, and characterized by a high level of intellectual engagement – coursework will emphasize inquiry, investigation, and analysis. In addition, students will receive leadership training, participate in a service learning activity, and be encouraged to join and participate in the Phi Theta Kappa Academic Honors Society.

CCST 2510  Honors Service Learning (1 cr)
CCST 2512  Honors Leadership Development (3 cr)
ENGL 1421  Honors Composition II: Public & Professional Writing (4 cr)
ENGL 1460  Honors Literature: The Great Books (3 cr)
ESCI 1455  Honors Earth Science and the Environment (4 cr)
GEOG 1460  Honors Cultural Geography (3 cr)
HIST 1475  Honors U.S. History 1865 to Present (3 cr)
MATH 1461  Honors Introduction to Statistics (4 cr)
PHIL 2421  Honors Ethics (3 cr)
PSYC 2423  Honors General Psychology (4 cr)
SOCL 1403  Honors Introduction to Sociology (3 cr)
THTR 1483  Honors The Theatre Experience (3 cr)

Application for Admission to the Honors Program (pdf)

Click here to download Associate in Arts Degree Honors Program Planning Form (PDF)

Special Program Requirements: CCST 2512: Honors Leadership Development is required - enrolling in this course during a student’s sophomore year is recommended. CCST 2510, the one credit service learning component, may be linked to an existing course or independent study.

Admissions: Those meeting the eligibility standards must complete the application form found on the Central Lakes College website and submit an essay. Applicants completing these steps will be admitted to the program on a first come/first serve basis. The annual cohort limit for the program is 24 students.

Transfer Opportunities: Central Lakes College is exploring articulation agreements with area university honors programs to allow for transfer upon graduation into their honors programs with advanced standing. An Associate in Arts degree earned at Central Lakes College is recommended as the transfer degree that enables a student to transfer to a Minnesota four-year college or university. Through special agreements, the A.A. degree, in most cases, allows a student to continue with a "junior status" at the selected state university. Included in the Honors A.A. degree is the Minnesota General Education Transfer Curriculum which contains the minimum number of credits (40) needed to complete general education requirements at all public colleges and universities in the State of Minnesota.

Career Opportunities: Lawyer, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Politician, International Studies, Graduate Study, Theater Director, Non-profit Executive Director, Entrepreneur