Photography & Videography - Portrait Photography Certificate
Title Portrait Photography Certificate 
Department Photo Technology 


Fall Semester 
PHIM 1114  Digital Darkroom (4 cr)
PHIM 1122  Photo Comp (2 cr)
PHIM 1160  Basic Photo (3 cr)
PHIM 1310  Portrait Photography (2 cr)
PHIM 1316  Creative Camera (3 cr) 

Spring Semester 
PHIM 1174  Studio Photographics (4 cr)
PHIM 1176  Visual Relationships (3 cr)
PHIM 1284  Digital Photo and Video (4 cr)
PHIM 1178  Business Topics (1 cr)


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Gainful Employment Information

Career Description: Portrait Photographers concentrate their photography specifically on formal and candid portraits taken at major life events such as high school graduation, special holidays, anniversaries, weddings, business promotions, birthdays and other events. These photographers work in a studio environment or on location and utilize a variety of camera, lighting and software tools.

Program Information: The Photographic Imaging Technology Program offers an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) Degree that consists of an ambitious, technical core in imaging and components of general education. A related option, with fewer general education requirements, is the Photographic Imaging Technology Diploma Program. Finally, there are three certificates available. The Certificate in Matting & Framing focuses on developing skills in finishing and presentation of art. The Certificate in Portrait Photography focuses on skills in all types of portrait photography. The Certificate in Photography Production focuses on developing skills in basic photography, software and color management to handle the demands of post photography production. Students choose a program option to meet their specific career goals.

Special Program Requirements: DSLR camera and lenses, laptop computer and software

Accreditation: Photo Marketing Association, Professional Photographers Association

Career Titles: Portrait Photographers, School Photographers, Event Photographer, Wedding Photographers, Photographers Assistant, Studio Owner

Advisory Board: Photographic Imaging Technology Advisory Boards