Health Care/Nursing - Dental Assisting Diploma
Title Dental Assisting Diploma 
Department Dental Assistant 

Special Department Information:

The curriculum in the dental assisting program may expose students to hazardous materials, radiation and/or infectious diseases. Students will be provided with information through education and program policies to protect themselves and their patients from harm. Students will be expected to utilize appropriate safety precautions in the classroom, laboratory and clinic. Program policies are available upon request.


Fall Semester
DENT 1108  General Anatomy (3 cr)
DENT 1106  Dental Orientation & Anatomy (2 cr)
DENT 1116*  Dental Clinic I (8 cr)
DENT 1118*  Dental Radiology I (2 cr)
DENT 1120* Preventive Dentistry (2 cr)
DENT 1124  Biomaterials (2 cr)
Total 19 Credits

Spring Semester
DENT 1114  Pathology, Pharmacology, Law & Emergencies (3 cr)
DENT 1123*  Dental Clinic II (9 cr)
DENT 1129*  Dental Radiology II (2 cr)
DENT 1132  Dental Specialties (2 cr)
DENT 1133*  Principles of Practice Management & Communcation ( 2 cr)
 Total 18 Credits

Summer Session
DENT 1150*  Dental Internship (336 hours) (7 cr)
Total 7 Credits

*Denotes Prerequisites

Click here to download Dental Assisting Diploma Program Planning Form (PDF)

Gainful Employment Information

Career Description: Given the increasing demands for dental care, dental practices are designed for a dental team approved for the delivery of dental care. An exciting and challenging career awaits you as a professional dental assistant. A career in dental assisting offers variety, job satisfaction, opportunity for service, and financial reward.

Program Information: The Dental Assisting Program is designed to educate students on ways to control and prevent dental disease as well as teach patients preventive dental care. Training is provided in chairside skills and MN State expanded functions. There are three semesters. Fall and Spring are on-campus and the nine-week Summer session provides internships off-campus in dental facilities and private dental practices. This education prepares the student to take national and state written examinations required for certification and registration as a dental assistant. A certified registered dental assistant becomes a member of the dental team.

Program Outcomes:
Graduates will be able to:

  • Perform chair side procedures in a clinical setting
  • Apply infection control, biohazards and treatment area practices
  • Perform dental office procedures
  • Perform radiographic and radiation safety procedures
  • Communicate professionally with patients, peers and members of the dental health team
  • Model professionalism through continuing education and membership in the American Dental Assistants Association

Special Program Requirements:

American Heart Association – Health Care Provider CPR is a prerequisite for admission into the Dental Assisting Program. A current healthcare provider CPR is required for Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Accreditation: Accredited by the American Dental Association since May 1967.

Admissions: Progression through the program is sequential. Admission date is Fall semester. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED.

Transfer Opportunities: Some courses within the program may be used as elective credits toward an A.A. degree.

Career Opportunities: The career outlook for certified and registered dental assistants in Minnesota continues to grow due to the increased demand for dental care. The majority of graduates are employed as clinical assistants and Minnesota requires specialized credentials as an employment criteria. There is a great deal of stability and employment security for the individual who becomes a dental assistant.

Career Titles: This program will help students prepare for a wide range of dental assisting careers, including chairside dental assistant in general/specialty practices, expanded-functions dental assistant, administrative business assistant, dental sales personnel, sterilization assistant and dental insurance personnel.